The tackle and laugh… another mommy moment!

Yesterday I posted about a situation mommies know all too well… the hair grab! Here is another mommy (in this case daddy’s too! Hehe) moment that you may find very familiar. Everyday my son Rowen will come running full speed right into my chest as I sit on the ground. His belly laugh fills the air as I fall over with him on top of me. This usually leads to the tickle monster as he sequels and squirms onto the floor. Jumping to his feet he will run down the hall as I follow in “hot pursuit” to tickle him some more…

When I was photographing the Gonzalez family (session photos to follow soon!), it just melted my heart when I saw little D. run and do the same thing to his mommy. It is photos like these that I find to be truly timeless and classic…

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