I’m back! :) Plus Madeline’s 1 year shoot! {Celebrations} | Wyoming, Ontario Child Photographer

Hello everyone! I know my website and Facebook page have been a bit quiet lately. The last month and a half have been extremely chaotic. As you probably saw in a previous post, Tim and I were extremely fortunate to get to travel to Holland, Belgium and Germany for 10 days the beginning of November. After our return I began plugging away on client orders in an attempt to get caught back up after such a break.

On Sunday, November 20th I received a call that people dread. My mother in California was bawling hysterically as she told me that my step-dad, Bob and my step-sister Nicole hit some black ice driving home from a day fishing trip, spun out and hit a car head-on. My sister was taken by ambulance to a local hospital with some minor injuries while my dad was medevaced to a specialty trauma hospital a 24 minute flight away. Over the next few days I received some updates and decided I needed to be out their to provide my support to my mom and family. Over the next 8 days I was in California my dad continued to make huge improvements after initially suffering from a collapsed lung, broken ribs, shattered nose and orbital bones as well as a traumatic brain injury. My sister was extremely fortunate to have only suffered from a broken wrist and some pretty severe bruising, as it could have been MUCH worse! The day before I left, I was given the best birthday present possible, after 9 days in ICU he was transferred to the Rehabilitation Institute on sight to get some cognitive and neuro-therapy.

I am so happy to report that today he will be released and heading home! It is so hard to imagine where he was just 16 days ago but being the God-loving person I am, I know it was made possible by the big guy upstairs! So I would like to give a very loud and proud Thank You to all of those who have prayed for my family during this time. Yours prayers have been heard and are definitely working! Your support and kind spoken words have truly meant a lot to all of us… so Thank You!

Lord Heavenly Father, I want to take a moment to Thank You out loud for all of the blessings you have brought my family. I know that it is your healing hand and comforting grace that has, and will continue to help us get through this. I ask Lord God that you continue to touch my step-dad and help guide him through each stage of his amazing recovery. The glory of this is because of you and I Thank You again for your presence in my life… the source of my understanding and strength! Amen!:)

~            ~           ~

So it is safe to say that “I’m back” at work. I have been working at a feverish pace to get caught up all while squeezing in some newborn yummy goodness along the way. Lol. So of course, over the next few weeks you will get to see some of the work I have done over the last few months as I get caught up on my blog posts. Here is your first one… Madeline’s 1-year shoot!I just love my baby girl… and her little cheeky grin. Makes me smile every time I see it!!

I would like to thank Zekveld’s Garden Market on London Line here in Wyoming. Check out their amazing “Pick-Your-Own” fruits and veggies as well as yummy baked goods. They even make amazing fruit baskets for the Holidays!!!:)

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