Daniella {Newborns} | Stockton Newborn Photographer

For well over a year I have been following the facebook page of Jenice Ray Photography. She lives in the foothills of California near my parents and we have a number of mutual friends from Stockton. Jenice is an AMAZING photographer who specializes in High School Seniors as well as Newborns. I always wanted to send her a message but never wanted to sound like one of those crazy-beginner-super-fan-who-wants-to-steal-your tricks-photographers (yep, there are a TON of them out there!). After some time I figured, what do I have to loose! I had heard that she is as sweet as sugar so away I went… message sent! I was hoping during my next trip out that we could meet for coffee and just “chat”. We have so many commonalities outside of photography with two young kids, balancing work with being stay-at-home-mommies as well as a love for God.  I was over-the-moon when she responded that she would love to meet!

Over the next few weeks we talked and I expressed that I would LOVE to just shadow her and be an assistant for her during a newborn session. Now let me tell you, that is normally a very touchy topic between photographers as each of us work sooo hard to perfect our craft. Do we really want to just give away our little tricks and secrets? I thought long and hard before asking but figured that since I live in Canada where my clientele is then I really didn’t see it as a threat. Jenice was amazing! She said if the opportunity arose she would be more than willing to let me tag along.

I was so excited when I got a text from her after being in town for just a few days that she had a newborn session on the books. When she asked if I wanted to come along I was beyond thrilled! The day of the session we met at Starbucks before hand and let me just tell you, she is as sweet in person and GORGEOUS! We chatted a bit and headed over for our session. About an hour in she looked at me and told me to “grab my camera”. It was the last thing I expected! Not only did she let me shoot with her,  but she took a few shots of me “in the moment” as well permission to use the photos for my website and portfolio. How amazing is she!?!:)

A HUGE thank you to Jenice Ray Photography for letting me be a part of something that meant the world to me!!! If you live in the Central Valley and are in need of High School Senior Photos or a Newborn Photographer… this is your lady!!!

I now introduce you to the beautiful Miss Daniella! LOVE her pouty little lips! Thank you to Mommy and Daddy as well for letting me take part in your session.:)

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